Tap to Access Peak Performance

Tools to balance your energy system

Reduce stress and anxiety

Enhance wellness, peak performance and joy


Introductory Talks

Schools - Groups - Businesses

Cindy will introduce your group to the body's energy system and ways to balance energies to promote wellness and peak performance.

Tapping Classes

Energy for Joy

Cindy will create a customized series of classes to teach tools you can use to balance your energy system, remove blocks to wellness & peak performance and expand your experience of joy in daily life.

Tapping Groups

Group Practice

Expand results by meeting in a group to practice new tools to reduce stress and anxiety and master protocols to maintain balance and peace of mind.

Individual Sessions

Muscle Testing

Individual sessions are guided by muscle testing allowing your body's energy system to access and remove unconscious blocks to success and choose best treatment for your highest good.



cindy baker

I am a certified energy psychology practitioner and licensed school psychologist who works with people of all ages. I use muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to access clients' energy systems and customize treatment based on the needs presented by each individual. Energy psychology treatments include the use of chakra and meridian therapies, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), as well as a variety of mind-body methods that support people in releasing blocks to healing and promote wellness and peak performance. I also am trained to assist others in releasing past life trauma and healing ancestral wounds.